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Power Apps – PDF Function

Hello, really nice fuction under our lens today. “PDF Function”. What is this? Is an Experimental function to print Power Apps Screen as PDF.

Let’s start!

Enable functionality

First of all, you must enable this feature:

Enable PDF Function
Enable experimental feature

How can we use it?

Basically , you should call “PDF” Function and pass it information about screen to “Print” as PDF.

PDF (Screen or control name [,{Size, DPI, Margin, Orientation, ExpandContainers}])

The mandatory parameter is Screen (or control name), but you can specify Size, DPI, Margin etc.. Check documentation here.


Create a form, with “print button”:

Print Screen as PDF
Print screen as PDF

Now, use PDFViewer control to see result:

See PDF in PDFViewer control
View PDF

Contact me for questions! Have a nice day!

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