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Restore deleted App

Did you deleted your App 🙂 ?

Don’t worry, in the most of case you can recover it. Let’s see how, with simple powershell command. As I usually write, if you know what you do , the script is:

Get-AdminRecoverDeletedPowerApp -EnvironmentName ‘Default-abcd1234-abcd1234-abcd1234’  -AppName ‘abcd1234-abcd1234-abcd1234-abcd1234-abcd1234’

Step to do it:

  1. Install these PowerShell Modules (You must be admin of PC):
    • Install-Module -Name Microsoft.PowerApps.Administration.PowerShell
    • Install-Module -Name Microsoft.PowerApps.PowerShell
  2. Find Environment Name:
    • Get-PowerAppEnvironment (You can get it also from url…)
  3. Find deleted App Name
    • Get-AdminDeletedPowerAppsList -EnvironmentName Default-abcd1234-abcd1234-abcd1234

Now, you can restore your app:

  1. Add-PowerAppsAccount (It open prompt to get credentials)
  2. Get-AdminRecoverDeletedPowerApp -EnvironmentName ‘Default-abcd1234-abcd1234-abcd1234’  -AppName ‘abcd1234-abcd1234-abcd1234-abcd1234-abcd1234’

I hope it help you…Have a good day!

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